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MEETin.org Rules

Updated: May 2018 - For GDPR compliance scroll to the bottom of the page.

The MEETin website aims to use the internet to bring people together in the real world, to share experiences, have fun, and hopefully make friends. To support this we have the following rules.


  1. Members must not create profiles that promote their business, or of a dating nature. Members will not create fake profiles to harm, harass, impersonate, or offend another individual on, or off, the MEETin site. Members must not create an event that they can financially profit from, that promotes their business, or of a dating or inappropriate nature. Doing so will be grounds for immediate deletion of a profile without notice.
  2. Members must be over 21 in the US and over 18 in Europe. Children of MEETin Members may attend appropriate events if the Event Planner or Host approves of their attendance and if the parents assume full responsibility for them. Do not bring children or pets to an event without receiving prior approval from the Event Planner or Host.
  3. Members will be polite and courteous when posting (mail, blogs, news, events, etc.) to the website. Use of the website to harm, harass, impersonate, or offend another individual will be grounds for suspension or deletion of a profile without notice.
  4. MEETin is a nonpartisan group. You may not post political views of any kind on the site. You may have political events as long as the events welcome all members of MEETin and the event description does not pose views on politics. In an effort to keep MEETin a friendly place we ask for you to please follow this rule. Failure to do so could lead to deletion of a profile.
  5. Spamming members of MEETin is strictly prohibited. Spamming members may result in a warning or deletion of a profile without notice. Please only message people you know or Event Planners. MEETin is not a dating site. Testimonials breaking these rules will be deleted and will be grounds for immediate deletion of a profile without notice.
  6. Members shall not use MEETin for the express purpose of promoting other organizations or social groups to which they belong. Joint or cross-posted events are permitted within reason providing that the tenets of MEETin membership are upheld.


  1. MEETin is not responsible for events posted on the MEETin site. The website "MEETin.org" is strictly a tool to help advertise the poster's event's to MEETin members. All posters of events take full responsibility for the events they post.
  2. Be considerate of your Event Planner or host when you RSVP for events. Members will make every effort to attend events for which they have RSVPed and to cancel, in a timely manner, RSVPs they cannot attend.
  3. Members will be polite and courteous to others at MEETin events. Members are expected to follow all Federal, State and local laws while using the MEETin website and while attending MEETin events. While attending events in public places, members are expected to respect the rights of others. Members should not act in a way that reflects poorly on MEETin. Inappropriate conduct will be determined by the Event Planner or Host.
  4. While attending events at a private residence members will respect the rights of homeowners. The Homeowner or Event Planner have the right to remove any Member at any time when planning events at a private residence. If the Homeowner or Event Planner asks a Member to leave the event they will be expected to do so immediately. Any discussion must be taken up later with the Local City Admin or the Webmaster. If a Homeowner or Event Planner abuses this rule they may be asked to move their event from the public events list to a private event. Abuse will be determined only by the webmaster team.
  5. If planning an event that requires pre-payment please make sure that all members pay the vendor directly. MEETin.org is not responsible for any events thrown by it's members or its moderators. Post events that cost money at your own risk. MEETin members or moderators are not allowed to collect money for events on MEETin.org’s behalf. Attending events that cost money are at your own risk. MEETin.org accepts no responsibility for purchases on this site or in person by its members or moderators.


  1. Only authorized MEETin personnel will represent the interests of the organization. Members will not claim to represent MEETin in any official capacity unless specifically empowered to do so by the Directors.
  2. Any Member of MEETin may request a photo or a link to photo (Member must be in photo) to be removed from MEETin by the poster at any time. If a Member refuses to remove photos on request that were taken at a MEETin event that user can be removed from MEETin without notice.
  3. Membership Removal. MEETin.org reserves the right to suspend or terminate member accounts on the MEETin.org website without notice. Accounts may be suspended and/or terminated at any time. MEETin.org reserves the right to ask individuals to leave the group. Members may be removed at the sole discretion of MEETin.org Directors. Members may be removed for any reason, but are generally removed for repeated violations of the member guidelines.


Because MEETin.org does not supervise events between members and other persons, and because MEETin.org is not involved in any way with physical transportation to or from events or with the actions of any individuals at these events, you agree to release MEETin.org from claims, demands, and damages (actual and consequential) of every kind and nature, known and unknown, suspected and unsuspected, disclosed and undisclosed, arising out of or in any way connected with your transportation to or from, attendance at, or the actions of you or other persons at, an event.

The website is provided by MEETin.org on an "as is" basis. MEETin.org makes no express or implied representations or warranties of any kind, as to the operation of the website, or the content, information, materials, or products included on this website. To the fullest extent permissible by applicable law, MEETin.org disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. MEETin.org will not be liable for any damages of any kind resulting from the use of this website, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental punitive and consequential damages.

GDPR compliance

In response to European data privacy laws we have the following to say (as concisely as possible).

  • MEETin.org does not give any information to third parties. Ever. Even before these privacy laws came in.
  • When you create an account we ask you for an email address. We will never give this out to anyone else, and will only use it once to directly contact you in order to verify your account. MEETin.org will use it to forward MEETin.org content to you.
  • By signing up for an event you consent to having bulletins from the Host forwarded to your email.
  • In Account Settings you can choose whether to also receive newsletters (informing you of upcoming events and important information), forwarded copies of private messages from other members, and forwarded copies of bulletins sent by people you have added to your MEETin My Friends list. We highly recommend you do this; the Host or other Members do not have access to your email address.
  • When you create an account we ask for your date of birth. This is to confirm you are old enough to have an account, and also displays your age on your profile. If you add people to your MEETin My Friends list they will be given your birthday date.
  • When you create an account you must enter a location. This is essential for the basic concept of the site.
  • For statistical purposes we can monitor which events you have viewed. Also the last date you logged on and how many times you have logged on. Only administrators have access to this information.
  • Deletion of your account removes all these bits of data from our records, including events you have hosted (another pat on the back, this has been our policy all along). This can be done yourself in Account Settings (quickest and easiest), you can message the Webmaster through the site, or send an email to webmaster@meetin.org.
  • Photos including you can be removed upon request (and proof of identity).
  • For further details, please refer to our full Privacy Policy