Why did shut down?

For the entirety of its lifetime the website was run by volunteers and provided for free. As such, we completely relied on donations to cover all hosting costs.

Over the past few years site activity as well as new membership had declined sharply, in part also due to the aging technical infrastructure and evolving expectations on usability.

This in turn affected donations, and the shutdown is simply due to our running out of funds. We decided to not ask for further donations but to gracefully wind down the website instead.

Will ever come back?

For now we will live on Facebook, see the link above. If we ever come back as a website, it will be with a more robust technical foundation and a more modern user interface.

Unfortunately we have never had sufficient budget for major technical improvements, amounting to a rewrite of the site. We are aiming to start a volunteer effort behind the scenes, but the outcome is unclear.

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