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Sunday Brunch & Chocolate museum (hot choco drink)

September 2009

Hosted by

Andra   (Event photos) (Past events)


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Members attending:

Address Barcelona
Meet up at 12h, have a chat with a hot chocolate in the museum caféteria, visit the museum and go for brunch nearby!! Sounds like a good plan? than sign up and we'll send precise details to the ppl on the RSVP list.

Single ticket museum: 4,30 € (if we can get to form a group, we might get a price discount)

WE will go to this restaurant named "Cuines Santa-Caterina" located in the Santa-Caterina's market - renovated by top architects Enric Miralles and Benedetta Tagliabue of EMBT - in El Born district.

Cuines means kitchens in Catalan. Cuines with a S because this restaurant offers 4 different types of kitchens: Asian, Mediterranean, Italian and vegetarian…

"PPl like very much the beautiful decoration which reminded Scandinavian interior design by its simplicity of the materials made of wood, stone, Ficus trees planted in between tables, columns of light and an entire wall composed of shelves stacked with stocks of wine, olive oil, vinegars, flours... As we said food is very imaginative and of course coming directly from the market. Why not mix a bit of everything? Try delicious vegetarian salads like one with melted cheese, nuts and dates (6€), green asparagus perfectly grilled at la plancha with spicy Romesco sauce (7€), assortment of antipasto (11€). Then have perfect risotto like the one with langoustines (10€), suquet de rap (10€), gambas with garlic (12€) or head Japan and take not the best one but very fresh sushi and maki (from 10 to 20€). At these prices you understand that Cuines Santa-Caterina became rapidly the hottest place in town appreciated by local’s business man as well as by well informed tourists ;-)."

I hope we'll all enjoy the day.