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MiB's 1st Birthday Murder Mystery Dinner

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Written by Heather on 01/24/2007.

It was MiB's first birthday celebration. The theme, murder mystery suspense dinner. The plot, set in Milan, Italy, famous designer Giuseppe Vanetti is found dead, floating in a nearby lake. Who of his acquaintances could have murdered him?

Bruno (Caroline) the local gangster strutted in brandishing numerous watches and was almost arrested by the detectives for brandishing a gun in public at Valentino. Valentino (Benoit) showed his devastation for his loss by accusing everyone of having an affair with his late boyfriend.

Sasha (Ana) as Guiseppe's top model was only concerned at looking good in his latest knitwear collection. Les (Jane) the has been cabaret singer made her presence very known to man, straight, gay or waiter!

Mila (Geanina) the strong headed designer with a drug habit fiercely defended any criticism about her designs, her minion Marco (Mike) or her possible part in the murder.

Aided by Detective Brigita, Detective Chris didn't know what to make of the whole situation and wanted to arrest Valentino on a whim. Detective Eve was on the ball, writing every confession in his notebook.

Special thanks to Jane who had less that 10 hours notice of her role and still managed to come dressed for the part and pulled it off superbly. She won a bottle of wine for being the most convincing character. Special thanks also to Geanina who arrived to find out her role had changed at the last minute, she also pulled off a very good performance. I wouldn't say we are a particularly outgoing bunch but I must say well done to everyone who really got into character and improvised so much, it was a real treat.

Ana also won a bottle of wine, for being the first to correctly identify the murderer and how it was accomplished.

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