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MiLV14: Club Night @ Tao (10.30.2014)

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Written by Gracie on 11/07/2014.

After spending the earlier part of the evening, about 20 of us decided to continue the night at Tao where we were able to get in at no charge! That's always a good thing! The ladies even got a wrist bands and could have unlimited free drinks until 11:30PM.

Interestingly enough, as soon as we got in, everyone spread out and we couldn't find anyone after that. Each group went different ways.

The dance floor was fairly small and if you wanted to sit, you had to go downstairs. Some of us decided THAT was the place to be so downstairs we went and there was tons of seating.

From what I heard, everybody seemed to have a good time but did not stay very long.

No worries, we didn't have to pay so it was more about seeing the place than anything else. ;)

Stay tuned for more write ups of the other events!

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