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The Twelve Drinking Days of Christmas: Day 11

December 2019

Hosted by

Dale   (Event photos) (Past events)


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Members attending:

Address Denver, CO
On the 10th Drinking Day of Christmas we dropped in on a TDDoC fav dive bar in Uptown, The 'Shoe! Unfortunately, only two of us came out and both of us had to leave after a single beer to head over to The Yelpies. But, Dale walked away with the Yelpie trophy for "Funniest of the Year"! That's two people's choice awards in three days for Dale.

The Notes:
I think Chad might be allergic to alcohol.
*Dale hands Mo a beer.* "Here, try this." "It's literally the most boring beer I've ever had."
Dale obsessing about only paying for the meter until 5:59 and certain he'd get a ticket before 6pm.
"When you wear a hat that lights up at night, cars stop for you." "Cuz they think you might be retarded."
The Horseshoe doesn't have a couch, they have a slouch.
Dale RUINED the TJ's night by letting him know that his favorite pizza place he just discovered a week ago, closed today.
The Chris Jericho Christmas Sweater!!!! Mo kinda lost her shit.
"So, Siu literally has no idea who you are talking about right now."
"That's what happens when your mom gets ripped and fucks an Oompa Loompa."
"He looks like The Predator's nubian princess."

The Points:
10 Fail Dale aka Brutus Concord aka dalay
10 Sammy Idaho (Mo)
05 Corky Foxfire (Furry Jake)
03 Alexis
04 Robin
03 Pearl Gotron (Melanie)
03 Eddie Cheddar
02 Carolyn
02 Ry Guy (Ryan)
02 Misty
02 Heli Telly No Poles (Karyn)
02 Bus Friend Brett
01 Ruecker
01 Collin
01 Brittany Bitch
01 Nancy
01 Grandpa Chad
01 Neil
01 Troy
01 Theron the Heron
01 Kelly
01 Confucius 28 (Fanny)
01 Kathleen
01 Adam
00 Hunter
00 Hal

Tonight we head to LoDo for chainy cheap cocktails at Hapa Sushi! So, take note, if you want in on the fun shit, get your ass to TDDoC earlier rather than later! See you tonight at 5pm for HH specials!

Every day 2:30pm - 6pm

2 for $9 sushi rolls
Almost 1/2 off starters
Happy hour nigiri (Fri + Sat only)
$6 sake cocktails
$9 sake bomb (21oz Kirin and large hot sake)
$5 house wine
$7 large flasks fruit infused sake
$5.50 well drinks
$5.50 hot sake
$3.50 Hapa beer