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Farewell to Michelle and Silvia

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Written by Terry on 11/30/2008.

Whilst there was a little confusion if the window displaying a lingerie-clad woman with a holster was The Player (uh...no, it was Agent Provocateur!), we managed to gather together in the right place and bid farewell to Michelle and Silvia. Alexandra; Blake and his girlfriend, Lily; Celine; Claire; Franck; Matthew; Rebecca and her friend, Kate; Michelle; Silvia and me gathered at this cool watering hole that served great drinks. The music was great, too; however, the increasingly loud volume caused us to shift gears and head towards The Slug and Lettuce where we didn't have to shout with one another in order to have a conversation. To Michelle: best wishes as you head back to Australia. To Silvia: best wishes as you cross the pond and start a new life in Boston, MA. You both will be greatly missed! Thanks for all that you've both done to contribute to MEETin's growth in London!

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