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John's Bday and a Lotta Partay

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Written by Christina on 12/21/2005.

So I'll admit that I have been a genuine slacker in posting the pictures from my most recent events. Suffice it to say, I'm planning on taking care of that today before I head home for the holidays. Wahoo!

So, John's birthday was a blast. The guys, John, Matt, and John's friend Ben started off around 8 at Alfred's. I can't speak to what happened there since Christy, Miss Marla and I didn't leave my place until about 10. And, we were feeling pretty good by then.

So, we met the guys at 152. I recall some shots, and some beer and a whole lotta dancing. But then the pictures will speak for themselves. So, check them out, and remember, next time that we go out on Beale, the more the merrier.

Happy Birthday John (and AV).

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