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Joanna's Best MEETin Event Story .......
I can truthfully say that to pick my favourite event would be impossible. Through MeetinA'dam I have met some brilliant people, made good friends and done some fabulous things. Each event has been exciting in different ways and great in the same way because of the enthusiasm and energy from all members. Amsterdam rocks, but Meetin has made it roll as well!
(Photos below are of events Joanna planned or attended)
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New York News News Date
Cheese Tasting at Reypenear. 09/25/2016
Friday After Work Drinks With MEETin Amsterdam. 05/15/2016
Friday After Work Drinks. 07/11/2015
Bonfire Night aka Guy Fawkes. 11/12/2013
6th Annual Easter Egg Event. 04/01/2013
5th Annual Easter Egg Event. 04/08/2012
Bonfire Night. 11/07/2011
MEETin Party July 2011. 07/31/2011
Eurovision Song Contest 2011. 05/19/2011
Competition for 2011 Celebration Logo Design. 03/29/2011