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Tau Tau
updated on 06/11/08 11:31:08
hi, i am leaving france very soon and I wouldn't want to carry all the books with me back to asia, so if you are interested in any of them please feel free to contact me at 06 27 69 10 12, thanks! I am selling all of them with half price. Agatha Christie: all of the poirot & marple including the complete short stories : agatha christie 1960S, 1930S, 1940S : love story - the rose and the yew tree and the complete quin & satterthwaite (oringla price around 24- 28 euro ) Bill Cliton : my life (ORIGINAL PRICE 34.50 euro ) Funniest thing you never said (ORIGINAL PRICE 15.20 EURO) Chanel Bag - (current prize at lafayette is 580 euro), my price = 360 Fendi sunglasses: 70 euro with box Miu miu summer denim bag - 100 euro Gucci cap - 100 euro coach pencil case - 40 euro konplot necklaces, 80 euro & 25 euro if you r interested, please feel free to email me for pictures, thanks!!

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