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Ubuntu Vancouver

August 2009

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Members attending:

Address Vancouver, BC
This is a meeting of the Ubuntu Vancouver group, which I have been a part of for the past few months and thought I would extend an invitation for our next meeting. The meetings generally run for about 2hrs.

There will be three short presentations at this meeting:
- Women In Open Source, and Ubuntu Diversity
- Create a cool music server at home, the easy way!
- Easy Ways to Get Ubuntu Support Online

What is Ubuntu?
Short answer: Ubuntu is a free computer operating system distributed for home computers (i.e. PCs)
Long answer: Wikipedia article on Ubuntu.

What is Ubuntu Vancouver?
Ubuntu Vancouver is a group of Ubuntu users that get together to share knowledge and experience and spread the word about the available options in free software for home computers--options many people may not even be aware of. It is not a group exclusively for hardcore programmers or other technical gurus. It is a group where people who have never even considered joining a computer group come to share experiences and learn about the advantages of free software. If you've never even heard of Ubuntu until just now, but are curious to learn more, then I would encourage you to attend this meeting. It's group that is very friendly and welcoming to newcomers.

Here's the meeting agenda to give you an idea of what to expect. There's usually a bit of socializing before and after the meetings, and often a few of us will head to a local establishment on nearby Commercial Drive following the meeting. If anybody would like to meet with me beforehand and head to the meeting together, do let me know.