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Karmic Koala Party

October 2009

Hosted by



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Members attending:

Address Vancouver, BC
Karmic Koala is the new version of Ubuntu to be released this month, and Ubuntu Vancouver is going to have a party to celebrate. Since this is a party, expect good food, music, and fun with a great bunch of people. Don't expect any software presentations, demos or anything of that nature, this is purely a party to have fun and socialize.

The theme of this party is Karmic Koala, so everyone is encouraged to wear/bring something related to that. Be it a toy koala, an Australian-themed t-shirt, or a karmic symbol.

There will also be a DJ on hand spinning some world beats, and few other surprises as well.

Warning: Missing this party may be hazardous to your karma.

See the official party page for more info.

The deadline for RSVPs is October 27, 2009 7:00 PM