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Meetups to charge fees

Source: fresnobeehive.com

With the announcement that Meetup.com will be charging groups to use the site , groups like the LiveJournal Fresno bunch and others are left without a free spot to organize their events online. Except not really. In his letter announcing Meetup.com's decision to charge users, company co-founder Scott Heiferman encourages groups to try the other free sites and see if they like the paid Meetup.com experience better.

So, in that spirit, one alternative is Upcoming.org , which looks like it covers some of the basics of the Meetup.com service, although it's less organization-focused and more event-focused. Meetin.org looks like it could one day be a contender, but it doesn't have a Fresno page yet. And of course, there's always Craigslist .